Emergency Response & Disaster Management

The Govan Mbeki Community Awareness & Emergency Response (CAER) committee was formed in August 2007.  The members  consist of Govan Mbeki Fire and Traffic departments, South African Police Services, Disaster and Health departments, ER 24, Langamed Ambulance Services, MediClinic Highveld Hospital,South African National Blood Service (SANBS) , Secunda FM 97.6, Echo/Ridge Newspapers, Hamnet and other NGO’s.


Our aim is to facilitate pro-active emergency management to the benefit of the Govan Mbeki Community.  This is realised in the continuous improvement of the emergency services from lessons learned during previous exercises and actual incidents.


The credible scenario was identified that Sasol Poly Olifins Secunda Operations and Sasol Synfuels could pose a risk to our community.  Offsite emergency procedures and continuing community awareness campaigns are implemented to ensure that the community is well informed as to emergency procedures to be followed when the federal alarm is sounded. 


Emergency Numbers

  • Sasol
    017 610 4444 | Cellphone 112
  • Fire / Rescue
    017 631 0155 | Cellphone 107
  • Police
    017 070 9991 | Cellphone 10111
  • Ambulance
    017 632 1894 | Cellphone 10177