What we do...

We facilitate proactive, integrated emergency management to the benefit of the Govan Mbeki community. The 5 phases involved in emergency Management are:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Preparedness
  • Response 
  • and Recovery

Why we do this…

The credible scenario was identified that Sasol Poly Olifins Secunda Operations and Sasol Synfuels could pose a risk to our community and therefore offsite emergency procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of our community.

How we achieve this…

In 2007, the CAER committee determined to stage an emergency community exercise every three years in the Govan Mbeki area.  This would test the effectiveness and interactivity of the emergency services.  This began with Operation Masibambane (link to article on Masibambane & photographs?) in April 2009 and Operation Alert (Link to article on Operation Alert & photographs??) in November 2011 and Operation Vali'ngozi in November 2013.  The lessons learned from these simulated exercises and real incidents are analysed in formal work sessions and subgroup meetings held every three months or more frequently as required.